WomenAura by Nidhi

Wish you a blessed new year 2023

Hey there,

I am so glad you made your way here to know more about me

I am Nidhi, Engineer by degree, an artist cum crafter by passion. It was during the engineering days that I happened to start an Instagram page (@womenaura) and here I am today connecting with you. WomenAura started as a paying guest and grew during my 3 years of college life, my days as an IT employee, and now when I decide to take this as my full-time career.


I feel proud every time when I say I’m a self-taught artist and have explored multiple art forms, starting from basic card making, to decoupage, mixed media, and today I proudly call myself a lettering artist and that’s another Instagram page right now (@scribblingindian). Guess what, this website is still not the end and I can’t wait to surprise you further (hopefully, fingers crossed)

At WomenAura I believe in delivering products that are handmade, unique and are tailored just for you with all my love and care. Each of my designs is customized to fit your requirements which makes it super special which is why I feel I add a lot of value to this business.

My sole idea behind starting WomenAura is to add a personal touch to all gifts and art pieces to make you feel special.

Recently, over a span of 6 months, I have started conducting workshops and I have traveled cities to complete roughly 25 workshops and I don’t know how many online sessions. I feel proud that I am able to successfully share my knowledge and experience with you people in the best way I possibly can.

Apart from this, I have collaborated with multiple brands and NGOs and also many artists out there to explore more in this field. If you are also looking forward to any type of collaboration, then I am just a click away.

I hope you like the products and the ideas shared with each of them. Don’t forget to tell me how you feel about them, because of course who doesn’t like some kind words and constructive criticism is healthy too, right?