This Summer let the little minds explore their creative journey with me. This is a well curated 2 week session where the kids take their time to learn and then explore their creativity with me. The session will be conducted on every alternate day with a fun task to complete for the next day, yes let's not name it homework. The idea behind this Artcamp is they learn various artforms and understand their interest in the same. Also they make something fun at the end of each session which ensures they stay tuned. Schedule:Day 1 | May 11thPaint pourWe start with an absolutely relaxing session where they enjoy playing with colours and create a masterpiece.Day 3 | May 13thDoodle figuresIn this session they learn to create different expressions and how to put them into figures and learn the art of expressing. This will further help them explore their interest in the field of doodling and use them creatively in their projects.Day 5 | May 17thLetter you heartIn this session I take them through the basics of lettering and how they can use this art form to create varies quotes and headlines and journals.Day 7 | May 19thCraft a TagOn this day they learn the art of scrapbooking and craft and create some fun tags. The idea is to give them some insights on scrapbooking. A little fun element of coffee and flower pressing will be included in this. Day  9| May 21stPainting PartyIn this session we have the very talented artist,  Rimjhim from the Art Delight Group hosting her well known painting party with the kids. Where they sip their juices and let the creativity flow into the painting. At the end of the day we will have a beautiful canvas.Day 11| May 24thCustomise a pen stand.In this session each of the participant will customise a colourful pen stand with me and learn the art of working on wooden surface. the kit includes:1. Paint pour kit2. Paint party kit3. Wooden penstand and accessories4. Tag and access5. Stationary 6. Freebies if you opt for the same without kit, please keep the above handy(fell free to get in touch for any doubts)Besides the above please keep the below handy1: apron(or wear clothes you don't mind paint on)2. Scissors3. A bowl with water to clean brushes4. A few tissues or a cloth for wipingPdf files for the workshop and the activity works will be sent online. If you can , keep prints for the same. If any of the above is not available with you, feel free to get in touch for assistance.  The session will be conducted online on Zoom.  Time:03:30pm to 05:30pm

Kids Art Camp

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